Paul E Blanford

We don’t offer children enough opportunities to explore, experience, struggle, and fail—a natural process of learning that helps develop curiosity, self-confidence, grit, and a true sense of accomplishment. Pivot has many practical uses for parents and educators with thoughtful insights on how to champion student success.

Paul Blanford | K-12 School Superintendent & District Administrator | Wisconsin

Robert Moje

A particularly good book for educators including those involved with curriculum and the strategic planning of schools, and I would also like my own children to read it. It’s a good example of what a successful life in 2020 looks like—today’s world is rarely picking one profession and sticking with it for life.

Robert Moje | Educational Planner & Architect | Virginia

Mary Beth Pelosky

A journey of self-discovery, noting the need for cultivating and developing one’s strengths, social responsibility, communication skills and desire for lifelong learning. Ravi’s Pivot makes for a compelling read with tips for fostering these strengths in youth today.

Mary Beth Pelosky | K-12 Principal & Global Ed. Specialist | Virginia

Philip Levine

A book for parents, students, and educators that also works as a high school and college resource. Students will love the stories that connect music with positive change. Pivot is a fast and easy read for educators to inspire them, as well as parents to encourage their kids.

Philip Levine | K-12 teacher & Parent | New York


Ravi delivered the highest-rated keynote speech we’ve had in years for our annual conference of school administrators and school board members.

ISBA | Indiana School Boards Association – see full review here


We waste a lot of time trying to make the “right” decision. Don’t try to make the right decision. Just make a decision, and then make it right.


Ravi’s passion for education & multicultural views challenged & broadened our take on what education can be.

KASA | Kentucky Association of School Administrators – see full review here


Ravi’s work to break down cultural barriers is nothing less than deeply inspiring.

WASBO | Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials – see full review here


Ravi’s energy, passion, and optimism for education transcend the generation gap. He captivates!

MASB | Michigan Association of School Boards – see full review here


The outpouring of compliments regarding Ravi’s words during superintendent’s conference day was over the top.

Jericho Public Schools | Jericho NY – see full review here