Bloomfield Hills

His ability…is unmatched by any presenter we have used.

BH | Bloomfield Hills Schools MI – see full review here


A powerful message that connects with people regardless of age, demographic, or region.

KASB | Kansas Association of School Boards – see full review here


One of the most powerful presentations I have heard in my 30-plus years of doing this work.

OSBA | Oregon School Boards Association – see full review here


Ravi’s keynote was the highlight of the conference. The entire audience was invigorated by his message.

NASB | Nevada Association of School Boards – see full review here


Ravi was magic…true learning took place.

NMSBA | New Mexico School Boards Association – see full review here


Ravi was a hidden gem…the best keynote in a long time!

ABHES | Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools – see full review here

Stan Jones

In a world that seems to be deeply divided, Ravi analyzes the continuum of cultural, social, and political changes that confront our beliefs and practices by compelling us to think deeply about empowering today’s youth.

Stan Jones | Superintendent of Schools | Virginia

Terry Spradlin

Ravi Hutheesing has written a timely, essential book, Pivot, that emphasizes “cultural competence is the pathway to equity, equity is the pathway to equality, and equality is the pathway to world peace.

Terry Spradlin | School Boards Association Executive Director | Indiana

Bob Tess

As an educational leader, Pivot was very helpful as we build a system addressing the whole child with a focus on equity and cultural competence. As a parent, it encouraged me to foster curiosity and independence in my three daughters. As a fan of human achievement, Ravi’s story is fascinating at the least and inspiring at its best.

Bob Tess | School District Chief Finance & Business Officer | Wisconsin

Paul E Blanford

We don’t offer children enough opportunities to explore, experience, struggle, and fail—a natural process of learning that helps develop curiosity, self-confidence, grit, and a true sense of accomplishment. Pivot has many practical uses for parents and educators with thoughtful insights on how to champion student success.

Paul Blanford | K-12 School Superintendent & District Administrator | Wisconsin