Audience Reviews

I've heard Hillary and Bill Clinton speak, General Schwartzkopf, et al, but your delivery was the best I’ve ever heard. There’s different contents that everybody delivers, but the way you weave things back and fourth and brought it back to us humans was phenomenal.

Tom Thompson (Attendee, Wisconsin State Education Conference, Jan 2018)

You are doing amazing work around the world and thanks for inspiring this veteran teacher of 30 years not to give up on her dream of helping to make positive changes in the world through the students that I teach!

Kristine (Conference Attendee, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, Mar 2018)

My takeaway is the hope that you’ve instilled, that everyone has an opportunity to succeed and make a difference.

Dustin (Attendee, Wisconsin State Education Conference, Jan 2018)
I just loved your view on things. The outlook of not looking at our phones but looking through them to the world, talking about how we shouldn't be teaching tolerance but rather how to not be intolerant, a lot of what you said was very impactful and inspiring. Thank you!
School-based Clinical Counselor Case Manager (All Ohio Counselors Conference, Nov 2017)
Hands down, Ravi's keynote was the most engaging talk I have ever had the opportunity to witness.
Namratha Singh, Experienced Program Manager, Certified Scrum Master (Accenture Scrum Gathering India, Sep 2017)
Ravi please know I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and exploration of your life and work. I am a millennial employee and I've struggled to find the intersection between my passion and profitability. Some kind of way the freedom I had to be a dreamer has slowly died over the years after becoming an adult. But then you came and shared how passion can become contagious and now my purpose and passion are on fire once again! Thank you for your transparent reminder we all must be the change we want to see in the world. You have reminded me why I once dreamed. And I thank you!
Rose Chivers
Ravi is a dynamic, inspirational speaker. He delivers a powerful message which forces you to reflect on current issues in our world and motivates faculty to have meaningful discussions amongst themselves and with students.
Benny D’Aquila, Principal, George A. Jackson Elementary School, Jericho, NY (Jericho School District, Aug 2017)
Ravi’s story, passion and vision provide the needed conversation for most educators today. We keep talking about how we must teach kids for “their future.” With Ravi’s insights and experiences, we can better understand what these millennials needed and what the current generation in our schools must have to embrace their personal development. Very stimulating and insightful!  Highly recommended!
Mary Kay Sommers, Past President National Assoc. of Elementary School Principals (CO Assoc. of School Executives, Jul 2017)
Your keynote was out of the world. Truly honored to have attended this.  The thing that stuck me was your selflessness, happiness in seeing thousands of less fortunate happy, and making this place beautiful.
Sunil Erothadathil, Sr. Practice Manager, Apps Associates (Accenture Scrum Gathering India, Sep 2017)

Ravi is motivating, inspiring, and captivating. I was so impressed after hearing his speech. We booked him immediately for our conference. He is a trailblazer within the education industry and guaranteed to have a tremendous impact on any audience!!

Darla Edwards, President/CEO of Successful Innovations, Inc, Lynchburg VA (VA Assoc. of Elementary School Principals, Jun 2017)

I had a great opportunity to listen to Ravi Hutheesing keynote speech Millennial Mojo. It was an honor and an inspiring, wonderful session reassuring the optimism and opportunities existing to make the world more beautiful. As many students and teenagers collaborate across the world using technologies, share the ideas and everyone working towards a better planet, it becomes a journey towards “Vasudhaiva kudumbakam” (Meaning 'The world is one family'). Thank you Ravi.
Sreejith N T, IT Professional (Accenture Scrum Gathering India, Sep 2017)

If you ever have the opportunity to hear Ravi, take it! Truly enjoyed hearing him speak at National Association of Realtors Legislative Meetings in Washington DC! Very interesting guy with a wealth of knowledge, travels and life experiences!

Alice Ann Brown, Realtor, Century 21 (National Association of Realtors, May 2017)

I am still in the high of inspiration/elevation from both the opening and closing keynotes you delivered. Networking across cultures, working for a cause (prosperity), amplifying in different forums, experimenting, learning and enjoying in the journey; you have shown how to connect strengths and talents for a purpose.

Sunitha Menezes, Volvo India Pvt Ltd (Accenture Scrum Gathering India, Sep 2017)

Ravi has an incredible spirit. His energy was contagious and inspiring, and his love of music and how he is sharing that with groups of young people from diverse cultures to help everyone see the possibilities of peace is so amazing and powerful. The data he put together comparing the generational views and values was super valuable for me to see in regards to my work with the schools. Suffice it to say, I was impressed... and so grateful that I got to hear his keynote at CASE 2017. 

Julie Dalke, Professional Development Coordinator, NW BOCES Colorado (Colorado Association of School Executives, Jul 2017)

Absolutely brilliant! Ravi provided insight into the Millennial generation that surely will help educators prepare them for their best future.

Jill Fennessey, Michigan school board member, Grand Rapids, MI (MI Assoc. of School Boards, Nov 2016)

Ravi’s stories and world connections will have you rethink the learning pathways that we create as leaders to help personalize structures in schools. He insight-fully speaks of events and issues that continue to shape the values of millennials in a way that captures your attention! As leaders, Ravi reminds us of the energy and passion it takes to create empathy, creativity, and the type of entrepreneurship that will help students to imagine and solve real world problems for their future. Thank you Ravi—you are truly a rock star for education!

Maritsa Alger, School Principal and VAESP Board Member (VA Assoc. of Elementary School Principals, Jun 2017)

I am energized! A large part of my job as sales manager is recruiting new talent. I have taken many courses on generational differences but this was the most informative and eye opening!

Debra Chamberlain, William Raveis Real Estate, Insurance and Mortgage (National Association of Realtors, May 2017)

My take away was nothing short of a revelation. My paradigm has been shifted 180 degrees as it relates to Millennials and most important, I have tested what I learned. The results are mind blowing. Thank you for crushing conventional wisdom as it relates to Millennials and for sharing your findings with others. It's obvious that the world has much to gain from your research.

Kyle Smith, Chairman of the Board, Greater Tyler Association of REALTORS®, Tyler TX (National Assoc. of Realtors, May 2017)

Ravi Hutheesing is an extraordinary individual with a fascinating story to tell—it seems like Ravi has done it all. He is striking in person, intelligent, humorous, and articulate, mesmerizing his audiences with accounts of his life experience, inspiring them with his positive attitude and ability to find creative solutions to the dilemma everyone faces when a good thing goes away. His tales of success and disappointment and the personal growth achieved along the way are rich with lessons learned. Ravi is a keynote speaker of the first order, bringing to any conference or seminar a unique view of life through the eyes of one who has lived (and continues to live) a very full one.

Sara Anne Fox, Story Editor/Creative Consultant/Writer (Los Angeles Community College Career and Tech Ed Symposium, Apr 2017)

Ravi’s keynote at the Loyalty360 Expo Conference was storytelling at its finest. His approach to communicating with Millennials is extremely insightful, engaging, and grounding. This type of marketing perspective is exactly what Marketers and Brands need to hear since we’re all trying to ‘crack the code’ on Millennials.

Melissa Presby, Group Account Director, Relationship Marketing, Team One (Loyalty Expo, May 2016)

Ravi's presentation gave me insight and helped me to realize I needed to make some changes in my "dealing" with Millennials.  I'm happy to say that changing my mind set and actually giving them a chance has made all the difference in the world!  Thank you Ravi for the tools that are helping me to repair the relationship with "My Millennial".

Michelle Lyons, Broker/Owner, Port Cities Realty LLC (National Association of Realtors, May 2017)

I was incredibly moved by Ravi's keynote speech. Not only was his presentation smooth, seamless, and entertaining, but he also tailored it towards the event itself which kept the audience highly engaged. Hearing his story was inspiring and his speech beautifully weaved in sage advice and uplifting anecdotes that had the crowd laughing and cheering along. Offstage, Ravi is warm and approachable, with a kind and cool demeanor that made him easy to talk to and fun to get to know more. I definitely would be happy to hear his keynote once again.

Mitchel Dumlao, Brand Manager & Youtube Certified Instructor (Los Angeles Community College Career and Tech Ed Symposium, Apr 2017)

Best information I've seen in a long time. Very moving and motivational. Informative.

Patricia, Attendee (Commission on Adult Basic Education, Apr 2017)

An entertaining and data informed presentation on the passions of Millennials.  I, for one, left the auditorium with new hope for our future through our kids, and also left feeling excited once again to reach for the passions of our youth.

Jeanne Collins, Superintendent, Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union, Brandon VT (AASA, Mar 2017)

I had a wonderful occasion to hear Ravi speak—a keynote address he gave at the Association of Professional Engineers and Geo scientists of BC's Annual General Meeting, in Victoria, BC. He spoke about "Influencing the Next Generation and Stakeholder Engagement." His was not just a speech on Stakeholder engagement, but it was an inspirational journey on how to to empathize with the Millennials as the world's new generation is about to take over all walks of life, globally. Ravi's thought provoking talk addressed how to tap into that pool of enormous potential. Ravi has 'been there; done that'. Get him to speak at major functions and professional gatherings; you will not be disappointed! After listening to him at the conference, I came home with a renewed conviction that the world indeed is a vibrant living entity for all, with a lot to achieve and enjoy.

Dr. A. P. Sukumar, MBA, PMP, P.Eng, Vancouver, Canada (APEGBC, Oct 2016)

Your keynote was outstanding. Thank you for your sterling intellect, quick wit and complete lack of pretense.

Janelle Romano, Senior Relationship Programs Specialist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Loyalty Expo, May 2016)

I believe you were the BEST Keynote Speaker we have had at TACE. Thank you for your interest in our organization and for the work you did to learn of our initiatives and to address them in your message. I truly appreciate your dedication and your willingness to not just give a keynote, but to get involved and network with our conference attendees. Thanks!!!

Jana Bowers, Workforce Educator, Conference Speaker Selection Committee Member (TACE, Apr 2016)

Ravi’s presentation at the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC accurately captured the current engineering environment and honestly communicated the feelings & behaviours of the upcoming majority millennial generation of the engineering workforce. The questions asked by the audience afterwards proved that his words opened minds, encouraging future intergenerational workforce collaboration and cohesion. It’s also evident that Ravi is constantly absorbing new opinions to tailor his presentation material to truly connect with his audience.

Christina Cholkan, P.Eng., Master of Engineering, Water Professional at The University of British Columbia (APEGBC, Oct 2016)

Not only will I refocus my pathways as an educator, but you gave me hope that my son will survive—and perhaps lead—in the millennium.

School Superintendent, New York State Public Schools (NYSCOSS, Mar 2016)

Ravi...your keynote was inspiring—what you are doing in the world even more impressive. From my perspective as an educator and grandmother, you and your message are a breath of fresh air.

School Superintendent, New York State Public Schools (NYSCOSS, Mar 2016)

Thank you for playing for us! Really enjoyed your keynote on millennials and session about the pilot mindset. Very thought provoking!

Community College Continuing Education Administrator (TACE, Apr 2016)

I absolutely love what you said. My son is on the top-end of the millennials, but his sister, had she been born first, would have been an only child. She's been hell, but I am understanding her much better from your presentation, so a humanitarian effort was involved in what you did today. I just want you to know.

Executive, Music Products Industry (NAMM, Jan 2016)

Thank you, Ravi! It was great to walk away with new tools that can be used daily in understanding and communicating with millennials. It is also inspiring to know that with your blessings, fruits of your labor as well as fruits of overcoming personal adversity, you are blessing others who are less fortunate around the globe. Keep fighting the good fight!

Community College Continuing Education Administrator (CCCAOE, Sep 2016)

It was such a pleasure meeting and talking with you at the recent Texas Administrators of Continuing Education Conference in Austin. I would enjoy the opportunity to hear you present other topics or even the same presentation again. I enjoyed the experience tremendously.

Terry Pilgrim, Industrial Programs Coordinator at Weatherford College (TACE, Apr 2016)

Ravi did an awesome job at Texas Administrators of Continuing Education. I was fortunate to meet him before the keynote. We had a great conversation. He is fascinating guy and excellent presenter!!!

Cledia Hernandez, Community College Continuing Education Administrator (TACE, Apr 2016)

The concepts that you discussed are an invaluable shift of thinking as far as leveraging your abilities and resources and being able to provide added value to a situation where the person 'holding the cards' has literal incentive to work with you despite maybe not knowing of you as an artist. You did an outstanding job of explaining this in a way that I believe can help any artist, from a major touring artist down to a coffee-shop performer who can work out small arrangements to turn a loss into a win.

John, Arts Professional (TAXI, Nov 2013)

Testimonial from 97th Wisconsin State Education Conference

Testimonials from 97th Wisconsin State Education Conference

National Association of Realtors

MASB - Michigan Association of School Boards
Michigan Assoc. of School Boards

APEGBC Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists
Assoc. of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists (in the hotel bar!)

TACE - Texas Administrators of Continuing Education
Texas Administrators of Cont. Ed. (signing attendee's guitar later in the day)

MASB - Michigan Association of School Boards
Michigan Assoc. of School Boards

Texas Administrators of Cont. Ed.

MASB - Michigan Association of School Boards
Michigan Assoc. of School Boards

Loyalty Expo
Warming up the Loyalty Expo audience as they arrive.