Ravi is currently working on a new book slated to be released soon.

US Public Education is broken, or at least that is what politicians are telling us.  While most statistics actually don’t support this notion, public school systems are forced to challenge “School Choice” by implementing everything possible to maintain their funding.  Increased rigor along with ambitious initiatives from social-emotional to personalized learning to whole-child education are being woven into the school day. However, are we potentially breaking education in process?

Life will always be the most important teacher and until we redefine the role of school in our lives, no education system can reach its full potential. Increasing school time and pressure reduces interaction with the outside world where children can apply their education, limits exposure to adults who are not their parents or teachers but have wisdom to share, and competes with family time—the primary source of a child’s education and identity. With Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies shifting and potentially diminishing the future of work so dramatically and unpredictably, people will no longer be defined by what they know and do, but by who they are socially, emotionally, and culturally. Therefore, school’s purpose is no longer to educate children, but rather, to prepare them to be educated for the rest of their lives.

Ravi Hutheesing is a Cross-Culture Catalyst and popular keynote speaker in education. His journey as a rock star, entrepreneur, aviator, and cultural diplomat delivers provocative perspectives not usually found within academia.  Born into one of the world’s most influential families, he rejected the obvious choices presented to him. Instead, he personalized his own learning by making school only part of his education and simultaneously creating real-world learning opportunities that ultimately led to living his dreams.

Sharing lessons from his own journey, Hutheesing reveals how schools can most effectively and equitably transform students into life-long learners.  By exploring the construct of a holistic education that fosters cultural competence and a growth mindset, Hutheesing will shift your thinking on how public education can put us on a path to equity, equality and ultimately world peace.

Simon & Schuster

Ravi's previous book, Dancin' with Hanson, was published by Simon and Schuster

The guitarist for Hanson during their 1997 tour recounts his experiences with the Hanson brothers and family as they travel together, rehearse and perform, and meet famous people.  Highlights include Madison Square Garden with Aerosmith, Stadiums with U2, mishaps with Jacob Dylan, Saturday Night Live/President Clinton's Christmas Party debacle, and more.

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