With nearly 40% of jobs to be automated within 10 years,* the global workforce faces unprecedented disruption.  Are educators teaching cross-cultural skills for the future?  Can businesses recruit and retain Millennials—a generation defined not by what they do, but by who they are?  Do companies and employees know how to pivot and stay relevant?

 *PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Every keynote is researched and customized for your specific event.

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Pivot: Why You Need to Strategically Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Leadership ⋅ Growth Mindset

"Ravi's keynote was really thought-provoking and different. The attendees felt that his keynote was the highlight of the conference and gave him the highest possible rating." - Accenture

Regardless of whether one is or becomes an employee or entrepreneur, leadership skills and tolerance for risk are essential. Staying curious, using failures as a pathway to success, pivoting, and always asking oneself questions like "What do I have to lose?" is the difference between being relevant and becoming obsolete.

Ravi empowers his audiences to:
• Recognize how easy it is to pivot (as opposed to step or jump) out of one's comfort zone
• Develop a "pay it forward" mentality from which reciprocity conjures support
• Build meaningful networks and strategic alliances that foster multi-cultural and global growth
• Convert every failure into genuine opportunity
• Become life-long learners

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Millennial Mojo: How to Transcend the Generational Divide

Leadership ⋅ Diversity

"Inspiring and empowering, Ravi's perspective on millennials highlighted his abilities as a storyteller and an entrepreneur." - Loyalty 360, the association for customer loyalty

Ravi's perspective is uniquely relevant as a member of "Generation X"—the bridge between Millennials and Baby-Boomers. Having personally worked globally collaborating across cultures, he reveals through his incredible experiences just how much we all have in common even though we become paralyzed by our differences. Such insight leads to more effective employee recruitment/retention and enables each one of us to create greater harmony within our companies and communities.

Ravi empowers his audiences to:

• Reduce "generational baggage" that perpetuates humanity's greatest obstacles including racism, class-ism, and isolationism
• Understand the root of Millennial "entitlement" and use it for positive growth
• Recognize Millennials' true relationship with technology and how Artificial Intelligence will impact their values and decisions
• Embrace the entrepreneurial mindset and use it to foster proactive employees
• Prevent Millennials and Gen Z from becoming apathetic and disaffected in an environment in which they are particularly vulnerable

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Cultural Competence: How to Create Equity in Education and Beyond

Education ⋅ Diversity (Contact us for special discounted rates for education organizations and associations)

"The best keynote we have ever had." - American Association of School Administrators | AASA

Artificial Intelligence will create the most significant disruption to the workforce that we have ever seen. With 40% of today's jobs about to be automated (source: PwC), we cannot fail to equip all students with the most critical skills of tomorrow—skills that go beyond the current "college and career-ready" focus. Therefore, education leaders must re-evaluate the overall goal of education now while committing to teaching the most important life-skills of the future, including cultural competence and how to continuously pivot.  Today's educators have an unprecedented opportunity and responsibility to not only achieve equity in education, but defeat generations of implicit biases so that all students can develop a healthy curiosity about the world and truly become global citizens.

Ravi empowers his audiences to:
• Cultivate cultural competence and a pathway to equity in schools and communities
• Use the arts and sciences to overcome implicit biases
• Incorporate a growth mindset in both liberal arts and CTE/vocational/career pathways education
• Convert privilege into leadership skills that can help foster social justice
• How to harness incoming educators' idealism as they move into leadership positions

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Dare to Be Different

Youth (Contact us to find how you can get this presentation for free)

"Ravi's student interactions were powerful. His themes about living one’s dream and artistic entrepreneurship resonated with our students. They were riveted by Ravi’s own story." - Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent, Catalina Foothills School District, Tucson, Arizona

A child’s own talents, strengths, and interests often differ from their “predetermined” path. As they become teenagers, those same interests can become aspirations that are then in conflict with traditional expectations of any given family, society, or culture. Ironically, it is this very difference that is most likely to give a young adult an “edge,” enabling him or her to achieve greater success. Moreover, the risk of not encouraging a child to develop his or her natural talents and interests is a society that is disengaged with their passions, disaffected, and vulnerable to isolation and radicalism because in the age of automation and globalization, the perceived security of a traditional career is no longer the reality.

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Topics are customized for each event. Additionally, Ravi will:

  • Speak with several attendees in advance to prepare
  • Socialize with attendees throughout the entire event (schedule permitting)
  • Allow attendees to download his presentation and stay in contact
  • Not pitch his products or services from the stage.  However, if the client would like, Ravi will become familiar with the conference corporate sponsor of his keynote, and if possible, seamlessly connect the sponsor's services to one of his stories in the keynote.  This adds great value to the sponsor and genuine "stickiness" to the brand
  • Close with a song—optional, but always a highlight with audiences and highly recommended

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