An important message for Education Associations:

The impact that the past year has had on students and teachers worldwide is becoming clear, though how that will ripple through society-at-large and our future is yet to be seen. The onus is on us—education leaders—to do all we can to ensure that students today are prepared to succeed in an unpredictable tomorrow. That is why I am willing to do all I can to help you succeed in this most important task. Click to Read More

A charismatic, dynamic speaker who captivates audiences from his opening line to his last.

OCA | Ohio Counseling Association - see full review here

An experience of a lifetime. Lives are forever-changed through Ravi's storytelling.

LACC | Los Angeles Community College District - see full review here

Ravi's work to break down cultural barriers is nothing less than deeply inspiring.

WASBO | Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials - see full review here

Ravi delivered the highest-rated keynote speech we’ve had in years for our annual conference of school administrators and school board members.

ISBA | Indiana School Boards Association - see full review here

The feedback from our members has been overwhelmingly positive.

WASB | Wisconsin Association of School Boards - see full review here

They were hanging on your every word. So great, and so important.

US Embassy in Lebanon | Department of State - see full review here

Ravi was the highlight of the conference. Attendees gave him the highest rating.

Accenture - see full review here

Our members said that Ravi was one of the very best keynote speakers they’ve ever heard.

CASE | Colorado Association of School Executives - see full review here

Ravi's passion for education & multicultural views challenged & broadened our take on what education can be.

KASA | Kentucky Association of School Administrators - see full review here

The best keynote we have ever had.

AASA | The School Superintendents Association - see full review here

To refer to Ravi as just a speaker would be a great disservice.  He is a true talent.

NYSCOSS | New York State Council of School Superintendents - see full review here

He was engaging and fun while also challenging our thinking on a variety of topics important today.

DCCD | Dallas Community College District - see full review here

Ravi's energy, passion, and optimism for education transcend the generation gap. He captivates!

MASB | Michigan Association of School Boards - see full review here

In my 30 years with TACE, Ravi is by far the best speaker that we've presented.

TACE | Texas Administrators of Continuing Education - see full review here

Ravi's journey is a testament to the positive impact each one of us can make building connections and relationships.

ASCD | Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development - see full review here

Outstanding! Ravi's message is powerful, and his purpose is inspirational.

ACHE | Association of Continuing Higher Education - see full review here

In tough political environment like Russia, his disarming and genuine style left a very positive impression on our audience.

US Embassy in Russia | Department of State - see full review here

Ravi's 6-min Keynote Preview
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Regarding Virtual Keynotes
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Ravi is a recognized professional and fully insured for professional liability (and also fully vaccinated).

Pivoting to Cultural Competence and Equity in Education

Primarily designed for Educators. This can be tailored to address current challenges of racial and cultural biases (including the controversy over teaching Critical Race Theory), and how in a post-COVID-19 world we can make the most progress.

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Add-on professional development workshop for educators

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Pivot, the Difference Between Staying Relevant and Becoming Redundant

Primarily designed for Entrepreneurs and Employees, but also applicable to Educators as "Pivot: Empowering Students Today to Succeed in an Unpredictable Tomorrow." With 40% of today's jobs about to be automated (source: PwC), everyone needs to be thinking about how to pivot and remain relevant.

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Millennial Mojo™, Pivoting for Tomorrow with Today's Most Multicultural Generation

Primarily for Corporate and Organization Leadership needing to solve challenges and uncover opportunities in cross-generational work environments.

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How to Pivot Your Passion into Your Profession

Primarily for Students and Young Entrepreneurs looking to pursue their passion and rally the needed support to be successful.

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BONUS: Get a free student presentation at your local high school with any education conference/convocation keynote.

  • The topics above are customized and delivered live or virtually.
  • Virtual keynotes can be delivered live, or pre-recorded with multiple camera angles and fully produced so you just have to "plug and play." Either way, they will be done in a setting that is as inspiring as the speech.

Ravi simply offers more than other keynote speakers

Before Event
  • Writes an article for client's newsletter or magazine
  • Participates in client's social media campaigns and custom video teasers
  • Speaks with several attendees in advance to prepare
At Event
  • Attends social events (schedule permitting, live events)
  • Closes keynote with a song—optional, but a highlight with audiences
  • Hosts an online "post-keynote virtual mixer" (if we cannot hang out at the hotel bar!)
After Event
  • Stays connected with and available to attendees via email

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