The world is shifting faster than ever. Your ability to PIVOT is the difference between staying relevant and becoming redundant.

How Education Must PIVOT for Cultural Competence & Equity

Education ⋅ Diversity (Contact us for special discounted rates for education organizations and associations)

With 40% of today's jobs about to be automated (source: PwC) and the disproportionate rising cost of higher education, we cannot fail to equip all K-12 teachers and students with the most critical skills of tomorrow—cultural competence, growth mindset, critical thinking, lifelong learning, socially responsible global citizenship, and more. Ravi shows education leaders how to pivot to teach students to pivot in an age where we will be less defined by what we do than by who we are. Ultimately, he inspires everyone to see that student potential goes far beyond "college and career ready." Without adopting a long-game vision, school is underserving students.

Ravi empowers educators to:
• Use existing technology and resources to overcome implicit bias, foster cultural competence, and achieve equity
• Create experiential/project-based learning opportunities using both arts and sciences
• Incorporate a growth mindset in teachers and students by prioritizing formative over summative assessment
• Pivot student privilege into a leadership mindset that fosters social justice and equity
• Identify jobs of the future that will help guide the next generation toward prosperity

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How to Strategically PIVOT Out of Your Comfort Zone

Leadership ⋅ Growth Mindset

For entrepreneurs, corporations, and employees, the ability to pivot is the difference between staying relevant and becoming obsolete in an age where nearly 40% of jobs will be automated within 10 years (source: PwC).  Ravi shows how adopting a culture that encompasses risk, commitment to rise above failure, and ability to find comfort where most don't are the keys to successful transitions and perpetual growth.

Ravi empowers his audiences to:
• Find your pivot point
• Develop a "pay it forward" mentality from which reciprocity conjures support
• Build meaningful networks and strategic alliances that foster multi-cultural and global growth
• Convert every failure into opportunity
• Become life-long learners

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How to PIVOT to Attract the New Generation of Customers and Employees

Leadership ⋅ Diversity

Ravi's perspective is uniquely relevant as a member of "Generation X"—the bridge between Millennials and Baby-Boomers. Having personally worked globally collaborating across cultures, he reveals through his incredible experiences just how much we all have in common even though we become paralyzed by our differences. Such insight leads to more effective employee recruitment/retention and enables each one of us to create greater harmony within our companies and communities.

Ravi empowers his audiences to:

• Reduce "generational baggage" that perpetuates humanity's greatest obstacles including racism, class-ism, and isolationism
• Understand the root of Millennial "entitlement" and use it for positive growth
• Recognize Millennials' true relationship with technology and how Artificial Intelligence will impact their values and decisions
• Embrace the entrepreneurial mindset and use it to foster proactive employees
• Prevent Millennials and Gen Z from becoming apathetic and disaffected in an environment in which they are particularly vulnerable

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How to PIVOT Your Passion into Your Profession

Youth (Contact us to find how you can get this presentation for free)

In this presentation for youth, Ravi encourages them to pursue their passions regardless of preconceptions or obstacles. However, following one's dream is not about rebelling against one’s parents, school, or traditional values. It is about collaborating with these influences while broadening horizons and being “the change you wish to see in the world” (Gandhi).

A child’s own talents, strengths, and interests often differ from their “predetermined” path. As they become teenagers, those same interests can become aspirations that are then in conflict with traditional expectations of any given family, society, or culture. Ironically, it is this very difference that is most likely to give a young adult an “edge,” enabling him or her to achieve greater success.  Moreover, in the age of automation and globalization, the perceived security of a traditional career is no longer the reality.

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