Regardless of topic, Ravi's audiences leave inspired and empowered, globally and culturally enlightened, and optimistic about the future. Keynotes are researched and customized to best serve your specific event and audience.

Millennial Mojo: How to Transcend the Generational Divide

Leadership ⋅ Diversity

"Inspiring and empowering, Ravi's perspective on millennials highlighted his abilities as a storyteller and an entrepreneur." - Loyalty 360, the association for customer loyalty

Millennials are the largest stakeholders, soon-to-be most influential global leaders, and will live longer lifespans than their predecessors.  They are also the first generation to not define themselves by what they do, but rather, by who they are.  How do we recruit and retain them while positively influencing their impact and harnessing their mojo?

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Cultural Competence: How to Create Equity in Education and Beyond

Education ⋅ Diversity

"The best keynote we have ever had." - American Association of School Administrators | AASA

The world is changing and educational leaders are challenged with doing more than ever to prepare students for an unpredictable future.  With 40% of today's jobs about to be automated (source: PwC), we cannot fail to equip all students with the most critical skills of tomorrow—skills that go beyond the current "college and career-ready" focus.

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Pivot: Why You Need to Strategically Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Leadership ⋅ Entrepreneurship ⋅ Youth

"An Experience of a Lifetime: Ravi is an amazing orator, master of ceremony, and keynote speaker. Lives are forever-changed through his storytelling." - Los Angeles City College

The future requires a growth mindset. Regardless of whether one is or becomes an employee or entrepreneur, building self-confidence and a tolerance for risk is essential. Staying curious, using failures as a pathway to success, pivoting, and always asking oneself questions like "What do I have to lose?" is the difference between being relevant and becoming obsolete.

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Topics are customized for each event. Additionally, Ravi will:

  • Speak with several attendees in advance to prepare
  • Socialize with attendees throughout the entire event (schedule permitting)
  • Allow attendees to download his presentation and stay in contact
  • Not pitch his products or services from the stage.  However, if the client would like, Ravi will become familiar with the conference corporate sponsor of his keynote, and if possible, seamlessly connect the sponsor's services to one of his stories in the keynote.  This adds great value to the sponsor and genuine "stickiness" to the brand
  • Close with a song—optional, but always a highlight with audiences and highly recommended

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