Millennial Mojo

Millennials are not to be ignored. 15-35 year olds are the largest generation and in two years will outspend baby boomers. Business looks bright for those embracing millennial culture. Engaging and retaining millennial customers, students, and employees has more to do with empathy than reacting to polls and statistics. The same core values pervade each generation, but recognizing modern representations of those values empowers one to understand millennial psyche and positively influence their actions. While they broadcast their “likes” on Facebook, it is less about narcissism than it is about bonding with like-minded people–not unlike wearing your favorite sports team jersey or rock band t-shirt.  Their diminishing interest in religion, advertising, and political rhetoric is a quest for transparency–something that has evaded them most of their lives. By bridging the gap between baby boomers and millennials, both can maintain their principals while finding common ground in which they can excel together.

Minimum Wage and Outsourcing Jobs to Technology

Many argue that raising the minimum wage will encourage outsourcing of jobs to technology (i.e. menu  kiosks in McDonalds), but I contend that there is no connection between the two.   Wages will never influence technology implementation if it adds value and efficiency, or simply doesn’t detract from it.  The cost of automation will continue to decline while cost of living increases; most trades will eventually be automated.

Rather than try to stop such uses of technology, we should encourage it. That frees more people to do what technology can’t—invent, create, and generate ingenuity—but only if we provide the tool for them to do so, which is a good liberal arts education. This is the key to jobs: education that fosters critical thinking which includes the arts and favoring STEAM over STEM (Science Technology, Engineering,  *Arts, and Math).

Let’s not dumb down America or technology to keep jobs.  Let’s educate America to create more, and ones that move us forward.