A “Baby Boomer Baggage” Election

The votes are in, we have a new President-Elect, and the country is in a bit of a tailspin.  Whether or not one agrees with the result, polls show that baby-boomers gave Donald Trump the most powerful position in the ...
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The Future of Education

As four-year university education in America continues to push people into debt without delivering real world value, market forces will put the power of educating in the hands of the student (i.e. customer). For educators, the primary role will be to promote ...
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Teaching: Three “essentials” to increase student retention

How much am I willing to pay to live my dream? If it costs $6,000 to become a pilot (that is what I paid), it is only expensive if one is having a lousy time. If the experience is great, it’s a ...
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Teaching Children Entrepreneurship

Teaching entrepreneurship at the grade school level is a great opportunity with a simple formula, yet difficult to implement in today’s society. Nurturing natural curiosity while allowing for boredom plants seeds of creativity which blossom into entrepreneurship. If left alone, the cycle ...
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Entrepreneurship, a weapon against radicalism?

This week’s horrific events in Brussels (following the November attacks in Paris–my home away from home) reinforces my belief that cultural diplomacy with a message of entrepreneurship can be a strong weapon against radicalism.  Entrepreneurship is a pillar of democracy.  Inspiring a dream and providing ...
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