The Millennial Conundrum

Millennials live in a dichotomy.  Much of what they desire is the consequence of what they were not given, and this places their interests in disharmony with their strengths.  Surveys report that music is the millennial generation’s number one priority, yet they have witnessed the ...
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Millennial Mojo

Millennials are not to be ignored. 15-35 year olds are the largest generation and in two years will outspend baby boomers. Business looks bright for those embracing millennial culture. Engaging and retaining millennial customers, students, and employees has more to ...
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/ Uniting Generations

Minimum Wage and Outsourcing Jobs to Technology

Many argue that raising the minimum wage will encourage outsourcing of jobs to technology (i.e. menu  kiosks in McDonalds), but I contend that there is no connection between the two.   Wages will never influence technology implementation if it adds value and efficiency, or ...
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Politicians – Experienced or Not Experienced, that is the question

Why is it that the inexperienced politician is as or more desirable than the career politician? Imagine going to your doctor and having him tell you that he wants to perform heart surgery because it is what you need.  He ...
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/ Bridging Cultures

Is the Asian Dream the new American Dream?

The “Asian Dream” is the new “American Dream.” I gave lectures to young entrepreneurs in China last year and their thirst for information and motivation was obvious. I did the same a couple of years earlier in India and found ...
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