I have started a travel blog to bring you along on the cultural diplomacy journey I am taking this summer. Along with faculty from American Voices' YES Academy and US Department of State, I will be travelling to Iraq and Lebanon. My government sponsored tours promote cultural exchange and understanding through keynotes on entrepreneurship—a pillar of democracy—and music programs that bring together talented individuals from traditionally opposed cultures and religions. My goal is to create global harmony through innovation and the arts, and this blog will share the excitement, photos, reflections, and results.

Watch a clip from last year’s global music mentoring in Jakarta.

As I prepare to leave on this United States Independence Day, I cannot help but think about the ongoing fight for independence taking place at my destination. Mosul may be just days away from being free of ISIS, and the Kurdistan region will vote later this year on becoming independent of Iraq. The goal of independence is universal but also very personal to me because my great uncle, Jawaharlal Nehru, led India to independence 70 years ago this summer.

I encourage you to remember that every individual has the ability to make a difference, especially in a young person’s life. Dr. Abraham George is the founder of the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project for impoverished students in India—another education program partner of mine. He is realizing his dream of breaking the cycle of poverty for the poorest of the poor. Shanti Bhavan is the feature of a new Netflix documentary series, Daughters of Destiny which will premiere on July 28.

Please tune in and follow this blog for more information on that program, on my work with American Voices and US Department of State, and on my keynote speaking schedule which is heating up for the remainder of 2017 into 2018: I will be at the Colorado Association of School Executives on July 26th, keynoting their annual conference with none other than Dr. Jill Biden!

To book a keynote, please contact me at info@RaviUnites.com or 1-202-838-7088

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To book a keynote, please contact: info@RaviUnites.com or 1-202-838-7088