Why is it that the inexperienced politician is as or more desirable than the career politician? Imagine going to your doctor and having him tell you that he wants to perform heart surgery because it is what you need.  He goes on to promote that he is confident about it because he has never done it before and isn’t even a career doctor but understands the mechanics of medicine (and plumbing) with an objective view and can therefore do it differently and better? Would you sign the consent?

As a society we have become so skeptical of expertise that we seem to think a lack of it is beneficial. This skepticism is especially true among millennials who value Amazon customer reviews over Consumer Reports expert analysis.

Of course there is corruption in Washington like there is on Wall Street, and plenty of waste. But to think that someone with no experience in the environment can (or should) bully his or her way into getting things done is disconcerting. Navigating politics and fellow politicians is a skill. There is culture that must be understood and respected, whether one likes that culture or not. Running a country is not simply a business; it is also an art…the art of diplomacy.

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