Ravi Unites Schools provides a unique opportunity for educators and school administrators from around the world to connect in order to promote cultural competency and peer-to-peer learning among students.

Our live video-audio session covered more lessons in 45 minutes than I could cover in months, and the students loved it!
- Lauren M., School Teacher, Poland OH

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Use the sign up form below, and if you have any questions, please email sandy@raviunites.com. We will gladly help any members connect with a school around the globe that offers cultural diversity, and we will take the lead on organizing a real-time audio-video interaction between your students and theirs.


With the support of a Ravi Unites Schools facilitator (Ravi will facilitate himself whenever his schedule permits), students are able to connect over topics of mutual interest during a 30-45 minute video conference.  In preparation, Ravi Unites Schools will help organize everything from finding the right school and students on the other side of the world, managing schedules and time-zones, organizing a technical rehearsal, and hosting the actual exchange.


  • Watch 5 minutes of a recent interaction: Video

Opportunities to Connect:

Whether meeting each other across the globe or even just across town, students participating in these real-time audio-video interactions will have several opportunities to connect. Groups may choose to:

1. Share individual stories and topics related to their daily home and academic lives (a script with question prompts will be provided)
2. Develop follow up events and activities in their own and each other’s communities.


It is my hope that these initial interactions will plant the seeds of greater understanding between peers of differing cultures and inspire them to create simple, collaborative follow-up activities between students and schools that will create positive, lasting change,” said Ravi. It’s essential to give students the opportunity to bond naturally."

Ravi believes that participants will come away with a stronger sense of individual purpose, and will be motivated to make a stronger personal and group commitment to be a positive force in constructing a more peaceful, connected world.

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For more information contact sandy@raviunites.com or via the Facebook Group.