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NYSCOSS testimonial

Ravi was an exceptional speaker to work with before, during and after our event. He spoke with several superintendents in preparation for the event and participated in many social events with our members during the conference. He also presented an important message to our members; many said that they could take what he said and make changes in how they approached their students, staff and colleagues immediately. Some even said they understand their kids better and have hope for their futures. I would highly recommend having Ravi present at your event.

Theresa Moore, Assoc. Director at NYS Council of School Superintendents (Mar 2016)

NYSCOSS testimonial

To refer to Ravi as a speaker would be a great disservice. Unlike many who simply fly in, speak and fly out, he arrived early and stayed through a good part of the conference, meeting and spending time with members and Council staff. Ravi is a true talent and I recommend him for your serious consideration as a keynote speaker.

Robert J. Reidy, Executive Director, NY State Council of School Superintendents (Mar 2016)

TACE testimonial

Ravi is an excellent speaker, very engaging, and unusually charismatic. His ability to use his very successful and eclectic background throughout his presentation was exceptional. He had studied our organization and knew many of the issues we are facing locally, statewide, and nationally. In my 30 years with TACE, Ravi is by far the best speaker that we've presented.

Vernon Hawkins, VP, TX Administrators of Continuing Ed. (Apr 2016)

Loyalty360 testimonial

Inspiring and empowering, Ravi's perspective on millennials highlighted his abilities as a storyteller and an entrepreneur. By illuminating many of the core values that bridge generational gaps, he simplified tangible strategies that produce measurable results combined with the motivation necessary to start implementing them immediately.

Mark Johnson, CEO, Loyalty360—the association for customer loyalty (May 2016)

United States
Embassy to Russia

In a tough political environment like Russia, positive interactions with Americans can have a lasting and powerful impression. We were very pleased with Ravi's skills as a presenter and his sensitivity to cultural differences, and highly recommend him as a US State Department Speaker.

Magia Krause, Information Resource Officer, US Dept. of State (Apr 2015)

United States Consulate
St. Petersburg Russia

All of the universities have requested to have Ravi back...This is so important given their relatively limited exposure to such progressive ideas.

US Consulate General, St. Petersburg, Russia (Apr 2015)

MASB testimonial

Ravi was a pleasure to work with every step of the way! I have worked with a lot of speakers over my time and found him to be one of my favorites. I especially liked that he took the time to really engage with conference attendees prior to and following his keynote.

Debbie Stair, MI Assoc. of School Boards, Board Development Manager (Nov 2016)

MASB testimonial

Ravi's energy, passion, and optimism for education transcend the generation gap. He captivates his audiences while offering solutions for a smoldering problem—the communication gap between generations. I strongly recommend Ravi in any environment that provides professional development for educators.

Brenda Carter, President, MI Assoc. of School Boards (Nov 2016)

NAMM testimonial

A skillful presenter, always offering creative and practical business solutions in a language that our arts-based industry understands.

Ken Wilson, Director, National Association of Music Merchants (Nov 2010)

Berklee College of Music testimonial

Ravi has an innate sense and a keen understanding of the elements of career development. He truly connects with his audience to advance their careers. He has my recommendation for any academic or professional setting.

Don Gorder, Chair, Music Business & Management, Berklee College of Music (Nov 2010)

Cessna Aircraft Company testimonial

Ravi presented at our affiliate seminars with great feedback from the attendees and a positive attitude that shone through his session.

Julie Filucci, Manager, Cessna Aircraft Company (Oct 2011)

Air Transport Association of Canada testimonial

Ravi's youthful outlook and keen sense of marketing was an eye-opener for those in attendance, offering valuable nuggets of marketing strategy and inspiration.

Wayne Gouveia, VP, Air Transport Assoc. of Canada (2010)