International/National Conventions

The best keynote we have ever had.  (Mar 2017)

David Schuler, Past President, AASA (National Conference on Education)


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Not only was Ravi an amazing speaker who was incredibly well received by our audience, but he was also the easiest speaker to work with in my 20 plus years at AASA. He honed his message to our membership’s needs and made himself available before and after his presentation to talk one on one with attendees. He was awesome! (Mar 2017)

Chris Daw, Assist. Executive Director & Director of Conferences, AASA (National Conference on Education)

Ravi's message was inspiring to me and everyone in the audience. It was clear that he has a passion for breaking cultural barriers in our world, especially with students. Ravi understands the relevance of the changes we need to make in education to connect with today’s generation and bridge divides globally. His journey through life is a testament to the positive impact each one of us can make building connections and relationships. I am empowered to be part of that change to achieve world peace. Thank you Ravi for inspiring me!  (Mar 2018)

Alina Davis, ASCD Board of Directors


Ravi's keynote was really thought-provoking and different, and what many "Scrum/Agile" conferences are looking for. The attendees felt that his keynote was the highlight of the conference and gave him the highest possible rating in the post-conference survey. (Sep 2017)

Vibhu Srinivasan, Director, Accenture

A dynamic, engaging speaker who can charm an audience in seconds. His disarming and genuine style left a very positive impression on our audience. In a tough political environment like Russia, positive interactions with Americans can have a lasting and powerful impression. We were very pleased with Ravi's skills as a presenter and his sensitivity to cultural differences and highly recommend him.  (Apr 2015)

Magia Krause, Information Resource Officer, US Embassy to Russia

All of the universities have requested to have Ravi back...This is so important given their relatively limited exposure to such progressive ideas. (Apr 2015)

US Consulate General, St. Petersburg, Russia

Ravi delivered an outstanding opening keynote presentation for the 79th Annual Conference. He won the hearts of the attendees who are passionate about lifelong learning and the power of education to transform lives and the world. Ravi's message is powerful, and his purpose is inspirational. (Oct 2017)

Clare Roby, President, Association for Continuing Higher Education

Loyalty360 testimonial

Inspiring and empowering, Ravi's perspective on millennials highlighted his abilities as a storyteller and an entrepreneur. By illuminating many of the core values that bridge generational gaps, he simplified tangible strategies that produce measurable results combined with the motivation necessary to start implementing them immediately.  (May 2016)

Mark Johnson, CEO, Loyalty360—the association for customer loyalty

State Conferences

Ravi presented at our state education convention and was phenomenal! His views and what he shared made me both optimistic and excited about the future of our world and how people will treat each other as the millennial generation begins to influence our culture. His work to break down cultural barriers is nothing less than deeply inspiring. I highly recommend Ravi and hope he continues his work around the world, as he is quickly proving that one person can change the world! (Jan 2018)

Jason P. Demerath, President, Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials

Ravi’s keynote at KASA was just what we needed. His passion for education and collaboration connected with the audience, and his multicultural views both challenged and broadened our take on what education can be. Ravi’s willingness to connect with attendees throughout the conference made an impression that we will not soon forget. (Jul 2018)

Dr. Casey Allen, President, Kentucky Association of School Administrators


Ravi's thought-provoking presentation at the Virginia Association of School Superintendents Annual Spring Conference was a huge hit! The members were thoroughly engaged as he laid out the importance of understanding the Millennials in the workforce whom they are hiring as their employees and who will become the new leaders in public education. I overheard many superintendents talking afterward about how helpful the presentation was in their understanding of what they need to do to recruit and retain good teachers. (May 2018)
J. Andrew Stamp, Associate Executive Director, Virginia Association of School Superintendents


Our members said that Ravi was one of the very best keynote speakers they’ve ever heard, and feedback about his presentation was incredibly positive. In addition to a compelling personal story that resonated with our audience, he also took time to individually connect with as many attendees as possible, which made the presentation feel even more relevant and unique to our association. He was a delight to work with and our members loved him!  (Jul 2017)

Melissa Gibson, Director of Membership and Strategic Partners, Colorado Association of School Executives

Ravi did such a fantastic job at the opening session of our 2018 State Education Convention! The feedback from our members has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated his message and how he weaved it through your personal narrative. And they greatly enjoyed the opportunity to continue the conversations with him late into the night during our networking reception and at the hotel bar. We were most impressed by those who commented that he challenged them to think differently about the younger generations and inspired them to become more open minded. (Jan 2018)

Sheri Krause, Director of Communications, Wisconsin Association of School Boards

Mr. Ravi Hutheesing is a charismatic, dynamic speaker who captivates audiences from his opening line to his last.  He epitomizes the term ‘cultural diplomat’ by translating his philanthropic work into a narrative that has the potential to motivate his audiences to recognize that each one can contribute to narrow the ever widening  gulf between various cultures and sub-cultures. If your goal—in today’s highly volatile and divided society— is to enhance the cultural competence of your audience, then Mr. Hutheesing is the speaker for your event. (Nov 2017)

Yegan Pillay Ph.D., P.C.C.-S, President, Ohio Counseling Association

Ravi was a terrific keynote speaker for our professional conference. He was engaging and his message was powerful. He has no shortage of experiences to share and they’re all relate-able. We were especially impressed with his willingness to immerse himself in our conference before his keynote to better understand our needs and how we function as counselors. I’m very grateful to have had Ravi speak at the All Ohio Counselors Conference! (Nov 2017)

Evan W. Jackson, MA, LSC, LPC; President, Ohio School Counselor Association

NYSCOSS testimonial

To refer to Ravi as a speaker would be a great disservice. Unlike many who simply fly in, speak and fly out, he arrived early and stayed through a good part of the conference, meeting and spending time with members and Council staff. Ravi is a true talent and I recommend him for your serious consideration as a keynote speaker. (Mar 2016)

Robert J. Reidy, Executive Director, New York State Council of School Superintendents

Ravi was an exceptional speaker to work with before, during and after our event. He spoke with several superintendents in preparation for the event and participated in many social events with our members during the conference. He also presented an important message to our members; many said that they could take what he said and make changes in how they approached their students, staff and colleagues immediately. Some even said they understand their kids better and have hope for their futures. I would highly recommend having Ravi present at your event.  (Mar 2016)

Theresa Moore, Associate Director, New York State Council of School Superintendents

MASB testimonial

Ravi's energy, passion, and optimism for education transcend the generation gap. He captivates his audiences while offering solutions for a smoldering problem—the communication gap between generations. I strongly recommend Ravi in any environment that provides professional development for educators. (Nov 2016)

Brenda Carter, President, Michigan Association of School Boards

Ravi was a pleasure to work with every step of the way! I have worked with a lot of speakers over my time and found him to be one of my favorites. I especially liked that he took the time to really engage with conference attendees prior to and following his keynote. (Nov 2016)

Debbie Stair, Board Development Manager, Michigan Association of School Boards

TACE testimonial

Ravi Hutheesing is an excellent speaker. His ability to use his very successful and eclectic background throughout his presentation was exceptional and greatly appreciated by conference attendees. He is very engaging and unusually charismatic. His preparation for the presentation was evident. He had studied our organization and knew many of the issues we are facing locally, state-wide, and nationally. In my nearly 30 years with the Texas Administrators of Continuing Education, Ravi is by far the best speaker that we've had to present. (Apr 2016)

Vernon Hawkins, Vice President, Texas Administrators of Continuing Education


Regional/District Events

Ravi's message was very well received by our entire school district staff! While world peace is an ambitious goal, his perspective allowed us to conceptualize the difference that we can (and do) make. Our teachers are still buzzing with the excitement that his presentation delivered. Ravi is a wonderful, dynamic, influential person who connected with our hearts! (Aug 2018)

Dr. John Sample, Superintendent, Merrill Area Public Schools

When it comes to connecting educators and kids there are loads of speakers that talk a good game. Ravi makes a connection with the audience no matter what the demographic. He has stimulated the minds of our staff to inspire them to make a difference with kids! (Aug 2018)

Dale Bergman, Director of Buildings and Grounds, Merrill Area Public Schools


Ravi Hutheesing is an amazing individual who uses his own life story and musical skills to motivate students to take an active approach to achieving their dreams and goals.  His story resonated with the students at Milwaukee’s South Division High School, and he had their complete attention during the entire presentation.  Afterwards, we were touched by the many students who came to the stage to shake Ravi’s hand or get a picture with him. (Jan 2018)

Susan Saller, MPS Office of the Superintendent/Manager of Superintendent’s Initiatives

Ravi presented a compelling talk to our faculty and staff for our new year kick-off. He was engaging and fun while also challenging our thinking on a variety of topic important today. The crowd was energized and continued to buzz about the topics he covered. Ravi generously engaged with our group after the formal presentation; answering questions, posing for pictures, and enjoying mini-discussions. By the time he left our campus we considered him one of the family! (Jan 2018)

Christa Slejko, President, North Lake College, Irving Texas

Ravi Hutheesing visited our school district to deliver a keynote at our all staff welcome-back convocation to kick off a new school year. His keynote was inspiring. Ravi’s messages about cultural competency, generational unity, and building global relationships are relevant to the issues we face as a society, and a match to our educational learning goals. Dozens of our teachers signed up for the Ravi Unites Schools program to connect their students with other students from across the globe. Ravi also conducted two sessions with our advanced visual and performing arts students. His student interactions were powerful. Ravi’s themes about living one’s dream and artistic entrepreneurship resonated with our students. They were riveted by Ravi’s own story and were curious about how to pursue the arts after high school as a career. This was an exciting opportunity for our students to have a conversation with Ravi in a more intimate setting.  I highly recommend Ravi as a keynote speaker and also encourage other school districts to connect him with their students. (Aug 2018)

Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent, Catalina Foothills School District, Tucson, Arizona


Ravi inspired and challenged all attendees. His own life experiences are allegories for the work we do as educators. Ravi is both capitating and action-provoking! (Aug 2018)

Brenda Vogds, Leader of Personalized Learning and Innovation-Secondary Schools, Eastern Carver County Schools


Ravi is an inspirational keynote speaker who kicked off our 7th annual STEM conference and shared his life story on how he turned his passion as an artist into a career as an artist-entrepreneur.  He also spoke of perseverance and the opportunity to reinvent himself given unanticipated obstacles in life, a message that helps prepare our students for future careers not yet created and orients students on how to work through challenges to achieve personal goals.  Ravi ended the conference by signing an original song he wrote a few years ago.  What a treat to hear this award-winning musician perform! (Jan 2018)

Dr. Kamela Patton, Superintendent, Collier County Public Schools


An Experience of A Lifetime: Ravi Hutheesing is an amazing keynote speaker. Our students, staff, faculty, partners, and leadership (Board Member, Chancellor, and JP Morgan Chase leadership) were influenced and impacted by his innate ability to capture their attention by sharing his expertise as an artist-entrepreneur and social-entrepreneur. Lives are forever-changed through his storytelling and ability to demonstrate to the audience how to transfer skills from one endeavor to another to maintain a relevant career.  (May 2017)

Dr. Adriene "Alex" Davis, Dean of Economic Development and Workforce Education, Los Angeles City College


Ravi recently spent a day with us and did something almost impossible—captivated an audience full of 6th-12th graders for an hour in the morning and then inspired our district educators in the afternoon. His inspirational “You Can Do It” talk to our students led to an engaging Q & A session that truly pushed our students’ thinking to higher levels. His concept of “making peace profitable” really resonated with our students and faculty. I can envision thematic units around this idea for years to come at New Buffalo. In the afternoon, our staff heard his “Millennial Mojo” talk. He was able to shed light on the current state of education and its future that we had not previously considered. He also helped his audience understand that, although languages and oceans may divide us, the citizens of the world are all more similar than we are different. By the end of the day, I had so many students and teachers thanking me for inviting Ravi that I felt like a rock star! (Oct 2017)

Jeffrey Leslie, Superintendent of Schools, New Buffalo Area Schools MI

I have spent the last 6 hours visiting classrooms throughout the district. The outpouring of compliments regarding Ravi's shared words at yesterday’s superintendent’s conference day was over the top. And most of the compliments weren’t just, ‘he did a great job’ or ‘I loved his presentation’ but were comprised of specific words, phrases and thoughts that he shared with our staff. I am sure we will be discussing his words and our planned follow up for the entire school year. (Aug 2017)

Henry Grishman, Superintendent of Schools, Jericho School District