Audience Reviews

Absolutely brilliant! Ravi provided insight into the Millennial generation that surely will help educators prepare them for their best future.

Jill Fennessey, Michigan school board member, Grand Rapids, MI (MASB, Nov 2016)

Best information I've seen in a long time. Very moving and motivational. Informative.

Patricia, Attendee, Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE, April 2017)

Ravi’s keynote at the Loyalty360 Expo Conference was storytelling at its finest. His approach to communicating with Millennials is extremely insightful, engaging, and grounding. This type of marketing perspective is exactly what Marketers and Brands need to hear since we’re all trying to ‘crack the code’ on Millennials.

Melissa Presby, Group Account Director, Relationship Marketing, Team One (Loyalty Expo, May 2016)

An entertaining and data informed presentation on the passions of Millennials.  I, for one, left the auditorium with new hope for our future through our kids, and also left feeling excited once again to reach for the passions of our youth.

Jeanne Collins, Superintendent, Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union, Brandon VT (AASA, Mar 2017)

Your keynote was outstanding. Thank you for your sterling intellect, quick wit and complete lack of pretense.

Janelle Romano, Senior Relationship Programs Specialist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Loyalty Expo, May 2016)

I believe you were the BEST Keynote Speaker we have had at TACE. Thank you for your interest in our organization and for the work you did to learn of our initiatives and to address them in your message. I truly appreciate your dedication and your willingness to not just give a keynote, but to get involved and network with our conference attendees. Thanks!!!

Jana Bowers, Workforce Educator, Conference Speaker Selection Committee Member (TACE, Apr 2016)

Ravi’s presentation at the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC accurately captured the current engineering environment and honestly communicated the feelings & behaviours of the upcoming majority millennial generation of the engineering workforce. The questions asked by the audience afterwards proved that his words opened minds, encouraging future intergenerational workforce collaboration and cohesion. It’s also evident that Ravi is constantly absorbing new opinions to tailor his presentation material to truly connect with his audience.

Christina Cholkan, P.Eng., Master of Engineering, Water Professional at The University of British Columbia (APEGBC, Oct 2016)

Not only will I refocus my pathways as an educator, but you gave me hope that my son will survive—and perhaps lead—in the millennium.

School Superintendent, New York State Public Schools (NYSCOSS, Mar 2016)

Ravi...your keynote was inspiring—what you are doing in the world even more impressive. From my perspective as an educator and grandmother, you and your message are a breath of fresh air.

School Superintendent, New York State Public Schools (NYSCOSS, Mar 2016)

Thank you for playing for us! Really enjoyed your keynote on millennials and session about the pilot mindset. Very thought provoking!

Community College Continuing Education Administrator (TACE, Apr 2016)

I had a wonderful occasion to hear Ravi speak—a keynote address he gave at the Association of Professional Engineers and Geo scientists of BC's Annual General Meeting, in Victoria, BC. He spoke about "Influencing the Next Generation and Stakeholder Engagement." His was not just a speech on Stakeholder engagement, but it was an inspirational journey on how to to empathize with the Millennials as the world's new generation is about to take over all walks of life, globally. Ravi's thought provoking talk addressed how to tap into that pool of enormous potential. Ravi has 'been there; done that'. Get him to speak at major functions and professional gatherings; you will not be disappointed! After listening to him at the conference, I came home with a renewed conviction that the world indeed is a vibrant living entity for all, with a lot to achieve and enjoy.

Dr. A. P. Sukumar, MBA, PMP, P.Eng, Vancouver, Canada (APEGBC, Oct 2016)

I absolutely love what you said. My son is on the top-end of the millennials, but his sister, had she been born first, would have been an only child. She's been hell, but I am understanding her much better from your presentation, so a humanitarian effort was involved in what you did today. I just want you to know.

Executive, Music Products Industry (NAMM, Jan 2016)

Thank you, Ravi! It was great to walk away with new tools that can be used daily in understanding and communicating with millennials. It is also inspiring to know that with your blessings, fruits of your labor as well as fruits of overcoming personal adversity, you are blessing others who are less fortunate around the globe. Keep fighting the good fight!

Community College Continuing Education Administrator (CCCAOE, Sep 2016)

It was such a pleasure meeting and talking with you at the recent Texas Administrators of Continuing Education Conference in Austin. I would enjoy the opportunity to hear you present other topics or even the same presentation again. I enjoyed the experience tremendously.

Terry Pilgrim, Industrial Programs Coordinator at Weatherford College (TACE, Apr 2016)

Ravi did an awesome job at Texas Administrators of Continuing Education. I was fortunate to meet him before the keynote. We had a great conversation. He is fascinating guy and excellent presenter!!!

Cledia Hernandez, Community College Continuing Education Administrator (TACE, Apr 2016)

The concepts that you discussed are an invaluable shift of thinking as far as leveraging your abilities and resources and being able to provide added value to a situation where the person 'holding the cards' has literal incentive to work with you despite maybe not knowing of you as an artist. You did an outstanding job of explaining this in a way that I believe can help any artist, from a major touring artist down to a coffee-shop performer who can work out small arrangements to turn a loss into a win.

John, Arts Professional (TAXI, Nov 2013)

MASB - Michigan Association of School Boards
Michigan Assoc. of School Boards

APEGBC Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists
Assoc. of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists (in the hotel bar!)

TACE - Texas Administrators of Continuing Education
Texas Administrators of Cont. Ed. (signing attendee's guitar later in the day)

MASB - Michigan Association of School Boards
Michigan Assoc. of School Boards

Texas Administrators of Cont. Ed.

MASB - Michigan Association of School Boards
Michigan Assoc. of School Boards

Loyalty Expo
Warming up the Loyalty Expo audience as they arrive.