Ravi delivers inspiring and empowering keynotes worldwide. Book him now for your next global, national, or regional event.

In addition to delivering a captivating keynote, Ravi will:

• Interview several attendees in advance to prepare
• Socialize with attendees throughout the entire event (schedule permitting)
• Give attendees the opportunity to download his presentation and stay in contact with him
• Not pitch products or services from the stage
• Close with a song if requested, and if you provide the guitar

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Education Leaders: Hire Ravi for a keynote and get a free student or community presentation within 24 hours and 7 miles. Some restrictions apply, but there is flexibility. Contact us below for more information.

All presentations are customized for each audience in consultation with the client. Titles are also flexible as needed.

Millennials are now the largest stakeholders on the planet, and therefore Ravi believes that the future requires a clear understanding of their priorities and potential.  His presentations are designed for Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials (and a youth program for Gen Z) because it is the successful collaboration and transitions between these generations that will lead to global prosperity, cultural competency, and world peace.

Millennial Mojo: Disrupting Education under Millennial Leadership
Millennials are now our teachers, administrators, parents, and policy makers. Recruiting and retaining them is critical and cross-generational collaboration to redesign education for an age of Artificial Intelligence and Globalization is essential. Ravi offers actionable strategies to address these challenges along with a big picture view into the future. Even the most local of education leaders will be empowered to prepare their students for the global world in which they will live.
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Millennial Mojo: Collaborating Across Generations in the Workplace
They are the largest stakeholders on the planet, and understanding their mindset is the key to recruiting, retaining, and maximizing Millennial talent. By embracing their idealism and harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit and global prowess, Baby-Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials can collaborate within any industry and together build a better future.
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Millennial Mojo: Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset
Also available for Gen Z (youth) as "Live the Dream"

The future requires an entrepreneurial mindset, and millennials are the most entrepreneurial generation we have ever seen. However, they are also the generation that was educated out of creativity and failure—the building blocks of entrepreneurship. What are the essential ingredients for career growth, staying relevant, and positively impacting the world? Ravi shows how consistently step out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons.
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