Millennial Mojo
How will the largest generation on the planet reinvent education, entrepreneurship, and human capital? They may achieve world peace in the process...if we let them.
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Turning Passion Into Profession (or "You Can Do It" as a youth presentation)
What are the essential ingredients to career growth and staying relevant in an unpredictable future? Entrepreneurship is a mindset, not a business model.
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Cultural Entrepreneurship in an A.I. World
With Artificial Intelligence and shrinking job markets on the horizon, how must artists and entrepreneurs redefine human capital today for a prosperous tomorrow?
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The Pilot Mindset
How does a pilot's leadership, efficiency, and commitment to success translate outside of the cockpit? It is the blueprint for personal and professional success.
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Customized Keynotes

• Ravi studies each audience and customizes keynotes based on themes
• He speaks with several attendees several weeks prior to prepare
• Ravi socializes with attendees for 24 hours (schedule permitting)
• No products or services are pitched from the stage
• Ravi will close with a song...if you provide a guitar

Ravi has keynoted conferences with Dr. Jill Biden, James Carville, Mary Matalin, and others.

Ravi keynotes at AASA National Conference on Education 2017