Keynotes & Convocation Speeches

Ravi's message is powerful, and his purpose is inspirational.
- Association of Continuing Higher Education

Ravi offers keynotes for global, national, and state conferences/conventions, and convocations for regional and local school districts. Please inquire as specific services and pricing vary.

What makes Ravi so unique? He:

• Speaks with several attendees in advance to prepare (keynotes only)
• Socializes with attendees throughout the entire event (keynotes only)
• Gives attendees the opportunity to download his presentation and stay in contact with him (keynotes only)
• Doesn't pitch products or services from the stage
• Closes with a song if requested, and if you provide the guitar

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Customized Topics

Our members said that Ravi was one of the very best keynote speakers they’ve ever heard.
- Colorado Association of School Executives

Disrupting Education under Millennial Leadership
They are the largest and will take the lead, but all generations must collaborate to redesign education and make it relevant in an age of Artificial Intelligence and Globalization. "Millennials can potentially help us grow out of humanity's greatest social injustices and achieve world peace if we embrace their strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses."
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Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset
Also available for youth as "You Can Do It"

The future requires an entrepreneurial mindset. What are the essential ingredients for career growth, staying relevant, and positively impacting the world? "Step out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons."
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Cultural Competency in a World of Globalization
With Globalization and A.I., how do we create cultural competency during a time of cultural dilution and shrinking job markets? "It's not about teaching cultural competency, but un-teaching cultural incompetency. We are born with open minds and curiosity."
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