Education & Workforce Development

Millennial Mojo
They are about to dominate the workforce. If education and business leaders don't plan for millennial leadership now, generations will fall behind. read more

The Pilot Mindset
Leadership and efficiency determine life or death in the cockpit. This is also critical in business. read more

Youth Leadership & Career Development

You Can Do It
Most of life is spent working. Turn your passion into your profession. read more

There’s no shortage of incubators for tech startups, but what about independent artists? They are entrepreneurs too. read more

• Ravi customizes keynotes for each audience
• He speaks with several attendees one month prior to prepare
• Ravi socializes with attendees for 24 hours (schedule permitting)
• No products or services are pitched from the stage
• Ravi will close with a song...if you provide the guitar

In my 30 years with TACE, Ravi is by far the best speaker that we have presented. - Texas Administrators of Continuing Ed.

Ravi keynotes at Loyatly Expo