Customized Keynotes

Millennial Mojo
How will the largest generation on the planet reinvent education, entrepreneurship, and human capital? "We have a unique opportunity to grow out of some of humanity's greatest social injustices."
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Cultural Competency in a World of Globalization
With Globalization and A.I., how do we create cultural competency during a time of cultural dilution and shrinking job markets? "It's not about teaching cultural competency, but un-teaching cultural incompetency."
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Turning Passion Into Profession (or "You Can Do It" for youth)
What are the essential ingredients for career growth, staying relevant in an unpredictable future, and creating positive change in the world? "Entrepreneurship is a mindset, not a business model."
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What makes Ravi unique? He will

• Study your audience and customize his keynote
• Speak with several attendees in advance to prepare
• Socialize with attendees for 24 hours (schedule permitting)
• Establish a Linkedin group to help attendees implement takeaways
• Not pitch products or services from the stage
• Close with a song if you like, as long as you provide the guitar

Ravi has keynoted conferences with Dr. Jill Biden, James Carville, Mary Matalin, and others.