Millennial Mojo

While one cannot generalize an entire generation, anticipating and influencing the impact that Millennials will have as leaders in education, business, and government is critical. They are the largest generation, soon-to-be most influential in global leadership, and will live longer than their predecessors. 

Ravi's vantage point is uniquely relevant as a member of "Generation X"—the bridge between Millennials and Baby-Boomers.

In this eye-opening and thought-provoking keynote, discover how much the generations actually have in common and how to use these commonalities as building blocks for collaboration. Ravi depicts an optimistic future based on millennial character traits including their love for the arts (the key to teaching empathy), proclivity for entrepreneurship (the key to fostering identity), and innate ability to rise above social injustices. He also challenges audiences to consider how Artificial Intelligence will drive revenue and unemployment, the impact that will have on the disaffection of youth and vulnerability to radicalism, and how the millennial entrepreneurial spirit is essential to managing the consequences. Ultimately, Ravi empowers Boomers, Xers, and Millennials to successfully collaborate in order to overcome challenges and maximize opportunities.

Takeaways will be tailored to each audience, and include:

• Reducing "generational baggage" that perpetuates humanity's greatest challenges including racism, classism, and isolationism
• The root of millennial "entitlement" and how it can be used as a force for good
• Their love for technology despite not being "tech-savvy," and how Artificial Intelligence will impact education and the job market
• Millennials' thirst for entrepreneurship, why they are so unprepared for it, and how to help them succeed
• Why they are the generation of "broken promises" and how this influences the way they will educate the next generation
• Why millennials are vulnerable to apathy and disaffection, and how to inspire them to rise above it

 Ravi's energy, passion, and optimism for education transcend the generation gap. I strongly recommend Ravi in any environment that provides professional development for educators seeking to bridge the gap between generations.
– Brenda Carter, President, MI Assoc. of School Boards

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Engaging Millennials in St. Petersburg, Russia

This type of marketing perspective is exactly what Marketers and Brands need to hear since we’re all trying to ‘crack the code’ on Millennials.
–  Melissa Presby, Director, Relationship Marketing, Team One