Cultural Entrepreneurship in an A.I. World

Ravi defines "cultural entrepreneurship" as the intersection of an artistic endeavor, social benefit, and financial reward.  While globalization results in cultural dilution, the wave of nationalism will lead to cultural isolation.  Artificial Intelligence is on the horizon and Ravi believes that for the first time job markets will shrink as economies grow.  Careers and self-generated income will no longer be the goal if (or more likely "when") universal basic income is standard and people have nothing to do.  What will keep humans from reverting to animal instincts and resorting to violence?  What will prevent youth from becoming disaffected and vulnerable to radicalism?

Entrepreneurship is a pillar of democracy.  It is essential that we redefine human capital, educate accordingly, and create businesses that foster empathy, strengthen and share cultural identity, and pave the way to world peace. Ravi delves into why this is needed and how to achieve that giving real world and personal examples.

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In my 30 years with TACE, Ravi is by far the best speaker that we've presented.
– Texas Administrators of Continuing Education