Cultural Diplomacy Missions

Cultural diplomacy reveals the soul of a nation. Ravi's government sponsored tours promote cultural exchange and understanding through keynotes on entrepreneurship (a pillar of democracy) and music programs that bring together talents from traditionally opposed cultures and religions, creating global harmony through innovation and the arts.   Video

What happened when Ravi went to Jakarta Indonesia and put a Christian, Buddhist, and Sharia Law Muslim in a room for two weeks with other equally diverse millennials, and taught them all to write songs together?  Video

Imagine an Iraqi who was captured by ISIS writing music with a Kurd whose family fled their country after being gassed by an Iraqi (Saddam Hussein).    Video

Ravi also created and hosted a global exchange between students of education programs with which he partners: Shanti Bhavan Children's Project (impoverished children in India) and EYM/Educating Young Minds (foster children in Los Angeles). Such exchanges can foster world peace by enabling kids to bond naturally before "learning" to hate each other.   Video 

2017 Iraq & Lebanon

Iraq US Department of State

2016 Indonesia

Indonesia US Department of State

2015 Russia

Russia US Department of State

2014 China

Cultural Diplomacy Music China

2010 India

Cultural Diplomacy Shanti Bhavan Children's Project

2nd Lady Jill Biden U.S. Second Lady
Dr. Jill Biden

Prince Albert of Monaco Prince of Monaco
Albert Grimaldi

Sonia Gandhi Indian Congress Party President
Sonia Gandhi

Ambassador John Teft US Ambassador to Russia
John Tefft

Ambassador PS Raghavan Indian Ambassador to Russia
PS Raghavan

Ambassador Arun Singh Indian Ambassador to USA
Arun Singh

Ambassador Nina Hachigian US Ambassador to ASEAN
Nina Hachigian

Ambassador Mohan Kumar Indian Ambassador to France
Mohan Kumar

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