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Ravi's journey as a rock star, aviator, and cultural diplomat provides unique insight into the future under millennial leadership. He empowers his audiences with cultural competency, tools to foster world peace, and an entrepreneurial mindset for success in an age of globalization and artificial intelligence.


2017 keynotes, click to play

Outstanding keynote presentation. Ravi's message is powerful, and his purpose is inspirational.

2017 Annual Conference

To refer to Ravi as just a speaker would be a great disservice.  He is a true talent.

2016 Annual Conference

A dynamic, engaging speaker who can charm an audience in seconds. We highly recommend him.

US Department of State cultural diplomacy tour, Russia

An experience of a lifetime. Lives are forever-changed through Ravi's storytelling.

2017 Career Technical Education Symposium

In my 30 years with TACE, Ravi is by far the best speaker that we've presented.

2016 Annual Convention

Our members said that Ravi was one of the very best keynote speakers they’ve ever heard.

2017 Annual Convention

Ravi was the highlight of the conference. Attendees gave him the highest possible rating.

2017 Scrum/Agile Gathering India

The best keynote we have ever had.

2017 National Conference on Education

I had so many students and teachers thanking me for inviting Ravi that I felt like a rock star!

2017 Staff Development Day

They were hanging on your every word. It was great, and so important.

2017 US Department of State cultural diplomacy tour, Iraq & Lebanon

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US Department of State Cultural Diplomacy Tours

2017 Iraq, Lebanon & India

Iraq US Department of State

2016 Indonesia

Indonesia US Department of State

2015 Russia

Russia US Department of State

2014 China

Cultural Diplomacy Music China